Doing it my way – The intro

Day two of my blog….the intro post…yes I know that should have been yesterday’s post but I have been meaning to start this blog for so long and yesterday I got inspired to write that post and so the “first” is the second and the second is the first but….really it’s indicative of the tone of what my posts will be like.  I do things as I wish to.  Motherhood has so many “rules”, advice present in every corner of every conversation, in every nook and cranny but in the end its about how you are gonna do things. How you choose to raise your children, taking in the advice, the direction and opinions of others incorporating it into your own advice, opinions and then taking the direction that you chose. And of course listening to the at least one voice that tells you that you aren’t doing it right, cause sometimes we are our own worst enemies.  But in the end we are raising these little beings and always and forever doing the best we can, they say that every parent screws their children up in some way so I guess we are all trying to mess them up the least? I am not sure I like that statement I would like to believe that I am not trying to clean up messes but creating stable, confident, happy, intelligent and a whole other adjectives children, that I am creating individuals that can be put out into the world whole and happy and contributing.  That as birds do, that I have taught my children what they need to know in order to fly out of my nest and soar. But I have digressed…..back to the point of this post, me, an introduction to me….alright well here we go then I am the single mother of 7 children, ages 17 (F), 15 (M), 10(M), 8(F), 7(F), 5(M), 4(M). And yes they all have the same father, that seems to be a question many people think and assume the answer to so let’s just get that answer out the way.    4 boys and 3 girls.  After a tremulous, abusive, and violent marriage I am thankful to report that I am newly and thankfully “divorced.” I am now in the stage in my life where I have picked up the pieces and am figuring out and navigating how I wish my life to look.  So here I am, an aspiring writer, playwright, blogger as I navigate my role as mother and most importantly myself.  Because without me being happy, stable, and alright I am useless to my children.  We have all been through what you could say was hell and back but we are here, I am here and I would like to share what I have learned on this journey thus far, assist and speak to those who can relate and understand my journey thus far and to share what this journey is teaching me now, to share my daily happinesses, struggles, triumphs, holy shits!, and wows! Cause motherhood is some journey, not every day is a joy I won’t lie and anyone who says that it is needs to be committed, a good glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (maybe two LOL) is needed some days but in the end motherhood is a wonderful journey the good with the bad and always ends up being the best, the moments where your 4 year old comes to you and throws his arms around your neck and says You’re the best mommy in the world, or when your 10 year old pauses his game on the Xbox to come and give you a hug and say I love you mommy, it is those moments that make you forget that just about 30 min prior you were almost yelling pick up your shoes they don’t go there and why is your jacket on the floor and why can’t you ever remember to take your lunch bag out of your backpack.  In the end I am here and enjoying it all, most days *smile*.  I am not really sure what else to say to introduce myself so I suppose as I post more I will be more and more revealed and that is not a bad thing I don’t think.  So have a question? Ask it.  I have been through it all and having children in almost every age stage I think I can impart some understanding.  Have a story to share, share it. We can create a community of support.  Have something to just share, need…whatever it may be let’s do it.  Together.  In the end all I really would love is that you come with me on this journey, we can learn, share, enjoy and experience this journey called motherhood together and in the process enjoy ourselves along the way.  So that’s just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until Next time, be well.


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