Happy Valentine’s day eve

Its Valentine’s day eve and I barely have the time to write this.  Lost in crepe paper, construction paper, tape, glue, markers, crayons, Hershey’s kisses, pre made cards, and class lists. Every year I tell myself that I am not going to indulge in this holiday anymore and teach my children to let it go but then the lists come and my children’s requests to have cards for their friends overwhelm me and I forget that it makes no sense to buy cards for Valentine’s day that children are only going to bring home so that parents can throw them away as quickly as they possibly can in order to avoid having to deal with the mess they create but in the end I conceded and I bought them and so here I am lost in Valentine’s day madness.  4 and 5 want to be creative and make their own cards hence the reason for crepe paper, construction paper, tape, glue, markers, and crayons.  3 and 4 are content with store bought cards as long as Hershey’s kisses are attached because “my friends like chocolate” and 7 doesn’t even know what is going on he just wants to make something LOL, so he is writing the names of his friends on the store bought cards as well as the special ones he is making himself.  And 1 and 2 well they are teenagers so they are thankfully anti Valentine’s day.  Personally I don’t really care about Valentine’s day.  I indulge my children and buy the cards or the supplies required to make them.  And then spend Valentine’s eve making them and filling out the To’s and From’s but in the end it’s all about my children.  When it comes to me…..I don’t really care.  When I had a “Valentine” I used to say that I don’t want anything for Valentine’s day because I would rather you buy me flowers and tell?show me that you love me the other, 364 days of the year, beyond the fact that I am trading one day for the other 364,  it’s cheaper and less crowded so we can skip Valentine’s day.  And it was so very convenient for my old “Valentine” and so he used that rational to do absolutely nothing.  But what woman wouldn’t want to be surprised on Valentine’s day with a beautifully romantic evening that she didn’t have to plan in order for it to happen?  So in the end here I sit in the midst of crepe paper, construction paper, tape, glue, markers, crayons, Hershey’s kisses, pre made cards, and class lists. Preparing my children for Valentine’s day and events.  Happy to be 6 and 7’s Valentine and ready to accept the  surprise Valentine’s day gifts that they have already told me that they made for me at school and day care respectively and maybe…..possibly wishing that one day I will have a romantic evening that I didn’t have to plan myself.  But hey just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Oh but I forgot I gotta do clean up LOL.  Until Next time, be well.


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