Happy Valentine’s day Mommy

As anticipated I am swarmed by Valentine’s day cards and Valentine’s candies but they are so happy about it all that the mess I know they will create is so very worth it.    The winter Olympics event that their school had for Valentine’s day coupled with Valentine’s day parties had  3,4,5,6 arriving home bursting with excitement about their Valentine’s day. I listened to their excited accounts and congratulated them on their victories and admired their favourite Valentine’s.  And gave them permission to have one oh alright two candies but that’s it.  My priceless moment was when 6 came to me and gave me his valentine and said it was for me, but baby I said that is for you and he said no Mommy its for you, your my valentine.  To which 7 ran into the conversation like a whirlwind this is for you mommy you are my valentine and he gave me a heart shaped lollipop.  Both gestures just melting my heart I gave them both a hug and put my gifts on the night table.  Then 6 said to me but mommy you don’t like candy so I am just gonna take this one and he took back the candy he just gave me and left the card.  7 was a little more “stealth” about it, he looked at me and thought he was sneaking by me and took back the lollipop and ran out of the room.  They are correct I wouldn’t eat the candy anyway and so in the end it’s the thought that counts and my two little men decided that I was their valentine and I am good with that.  (smile)
Most people like to celebrate TGIF and I truly get it but I rather TGIS, Thank God It’s Saturday, see on Friday I still have my morning run, my afternoon run, lunches, etc but on TGIS I can wake up at my usual 5am and I don’t have to actually get up, and I can just lay there and enjoy the fact that it’s Saturday, so I am here thanking God it’s Friday only because tomorrow’s Saturday and there are no runs, well there are but no school runs so! Enjoy the long weekend everyone, hopefully wonderful things/events are planned for this Family day long week and I will see you here again on Tuesday.  That was just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Until Next time, be well.


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