Stop and smell the roses

Today was a hectic day, felt like Monday even though it was Tuesday and truly the only bright side is that this week will end sooner than later so only three days left of the morning and afternoon routines. This week already feels so long and tedious and its only been one day…..Smh. This is one thing about life that gets to me sometimes, the fact that we spend to-day thinking about and planning for to-morrow and as a result we fail to enjoy the present moment. Sure we get to take a breath and enjoy that cute moment or word but as an almost general rule, as parents, as mothers we are always planning for tomorrow and living today as the day we planned in a past yesterday but never ever living the tomorrow that we planned for. Yesterday was family day and I spent the day relaxing with my children and at one point we decided to settle ourselves and watch Mulan and I was reminded of when 1 and 2 were younger and every Sunday morning before church was our movie time. We, meaning myself, 1 and 2, and their father would sit and watch at least two movies of their respective choice as we got ourselves ready. In those moments we were there, present, even though we were getting ready to go somewhere we enjoyed those moments, we lived in those moments and today I look back at those yesterday’s fondly as moments where I was actually there, actually present. But today those days seem so distant, yesterday I was present but on a regular day, I don’t think that I am present enough, but how am I able? In the midst of morning routines and trying to thankfully get through it, then getting to my day and squishing all I have to do into the time I have available before the afternoon run and then the evening routine, my whole day is planned out when I open my eyes at 5am that morning. And on other days I planned the whole week on Sunday night to ensure it all goes smoothly. As a mother we are always executing, never actually able to embrace even the notion of not having a plan. We have a plan A, B, and C at all times because we must. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to just be present, yes plan because we must but to just be there, to take a moment to stop and reflect on this decadent and beautiful moment. Not the moment right before I fall asleep after a long day but truly enjoy the moments on this journey that I am taking called life. Most days before I go to sleep I go to each of my children as they are sleeping. I kiss them and tell them I love you and take them in as they sleep, those moments are my most present in my day. Today I vow to do that more often, to take a moment to be present, to take in the right now. To remember to stop and smell the roses because the days go by so slowly but the years go by so quickly and in the words of Ferris Bueller, life moves pretty fast if you don’t stop and look around every once in a while you just might miss it. When it comes to life do you really want to stop one day and look back and say hey! Wait a second did I miss it? Not anyone’s ideal so that’s my vow, my new life affirmation if you will. So in the midst of lunches, morning routines, laundry, dishes, afternoon routines, homework, housework, extra curricular activities, and night time routines I am gonna start to take a moment to be present. Not to spend all of those moments planning the next hour but just taking a moment to experience this minute, this hour and eventually I think that I will learn better to plan for tomorrow while living in this today, enjoying the fruits of my labour and taking the time to enjoy and live the to-day that I took my time to plan so perfectly yesterday. Well, that was just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until Next time, be well.


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