Last week I saw a news report about parents walking out of a Miley Cyrus concert because the content was inappropriate for their children, they were in an uproar it was reported.  As I watched that I was in an uproar as to what the hell they were in an uproar about! First of all her tour is called Bangerz, now I am not sure about you but there is no way that my 8 year old has anything in common with a tour named bangerz and that of course is just the first issue because we are talking about Miley Cyrus! Have these parents not watched any media lately?! Miley Cyrus has made it perfectly clear that her Disney persona is over, even to go so far as to say that she murdered Hannah Montana but did we really need that statement? Miley has shown the public in many instances that maybe your 8 year old shouldn’t be at her concerts.  The protest was sexually explicit scenes, umm…have you seen Miley lately, from her dance with Robin Thicke to her tweet with her breasts bared to her recent photo spread and truly parents, to her album cover! You needed what!? You really thought that her concert would be PG? Those parents needed to use their heads, I am not going to comment on Miley as an artist she is for who she is for, but for parents to uproar at her concert surprised? I have to say that they should have taken their heads out of the sand right before they left for the concerts and maybe possibly start paying attention to who their 8 years olds are listening to because Miley is no longer for our Disney children, she has graduated to a place I don’t even wish to comment on.  But her behaviour has been obvious for some time and the shock and outrage these parents are exhibiting is ridiculous.  I usually do not like to knock other parents because we are all doing the best that we can but in this case I am calling you out.  If you are outraged that you went to the Miley Cyrus concert and experienced sexually explicit scenes and inappropriate behaviours you have not done your true diligence as a parent because Miley has made it so very crystal clear that your elementary school child should not be subject to her.  Period.  This is your faux pas not hers.  And my final note on this subject which I will probably address again because it is close to my heart.  Parents I understand that children like to idoiloze celebritites but when that celebrity does wrong we have no right to judge them.  Truthfully our children should not be idolizing fictional characters.  They are no more real than snow white and Cinderella, these people are not real for our children and in our lives.  We see snap shots in their lives and they are created for us.  We need to teach our children to appreciate the entertainment but the person? No, more should be given to them to emulate, more for them to want to become other then the stars that we see daily.  A role model needs to give us more information than a news reel on a entertainment news station don’t we want more for our children? Well that is just my opinion and so there it is.  So as far as  I have seen the Miley Cyrus concert may not be where we want to bring our 16 and unders.  It is apparently sexually explicit and very remnant of Miley’s recent behaviours, shocking to some I know but obvious to others either way it is what it is and now we are all better informed.  And I would just like to put a side note to this conversation, I am not telling parents to take their children by any means but Miley has “thick” women as her dancers and while Miley is clearly and obviously questionable I must commend her for having these women as dancers in her tour.  It is very rare that our children, our female children have the opportunity to see that and I wish that Miley had made her tour more PG so that young women could see this because it promotes a new image of the dancer, a new image that women can take on and as we all know every woman could use that.  Well that’s just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Until Next time, be well.


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  1. There is significant amount in trust I place in common sense courtesy and it’s clear you do too..

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