Today 2 took 7 to Army Cadets with him.  (2 is a Master Corporal in the army cadets only Cadet in his core to get 3 promotions in 6 months, “Mother proud moment” *smile*) And so we all spent the night without 7, well without both of them but we are used to spending these nights without 2 and while we miss him we have adapted somewhat but 7 doesn’t go anywhere without us as he is only 4.  And his lack of presence was truly missed.  6 missing his partner in just about everything he does except school was noticeably forlorn but me I missed my baby.  7 is truly a live wire, if I were to liken him to a cartoon character I would say he is… the Tasmanian devil from the looney toons or animal from the muppet babies.  Insanely cute but utterly insane. LOL.  He runs into a room and takes it over with his joy and happiness.  He is always smiling, always happy, when he walks into a room he commands the energy to conform to him, (just like I suggested in a post last week) and it does.  So his lack of presence in the house was felt.  Not that it wasn’t happy it was just that…..he was missing.  As soon as he returned the energy change could be felt, he came into the door announcing “guys! I’m home!, and then proceeded to find everyone to give them a hug and hello and that is 7 just a bright light in my home so always….cheerful and ready to share it with everyone else.  Many may ask how can you miss one when there are so many but I do.  One missing is still one missing just as if you have 2, 3, 4 or whatever one missing is still one missing.  The nest is still missing one and so I feel it, don’t know what will happen when my nest starts to empty and when it is truly empty but that is not a worry for today and a topic for a future post so today, I missed my baby 7 and now he’s back and I am happy for it.  Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Until Next time, be well


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