His first lost tooth

I was doing my day and got that call.  You know the one, when you are in the middle of your day and you see your child’s school’s number on your phone and the thoughts start to run through your mind, what happened? Are they alright? Do you have to pick them up? Did an ambulance? Can it be solved with this phone call? I picked up the phone fully concerned and I heard the voice of 6.  Mommy he said, my tooth fell out.  Really?! I said, my first worry was that it was knocked out, by itself I asked? Yes he said.  Oh wow that’s wonderful did you save it? Yes he said, alright then I answered, when you get home I will put it away for you, and then came the answer that has me smiling to this moment, so mom you are the one that leaves the money right?…I had to smile yes 6 I said and we got off of the phone.  Later when I saw him he happily came to me with a big smile I no longer recognized, with his tooth in a zip lock bag in hand.  Look mommy he said, and handed me the bag. My baby has lost his first tooth, he has been waiting patiently at times and at others not patiently for it to fall out.  Every day coming and showing me how much it is shaking, carefully monitoring its progress.  But now it had come out and he is now front toothless.  Well on side front toothless, but still a candidate for the popular Christmas song. And now I will do as I always do wait for him to fall asleep and put money under his pillow for him.  There is a difference though between my tradition and others.  Today when my son arrived home, I have his favourite dishes ready for dinner and we celebrate the fact that he has lost his first tooth, but when he goes to sleep he knows that some little fairy isn’t coming in to his room and taking his tooth away replacing it with money.  I have never told my children such things. My children are/were the children in your child’s classrooms that told them look Santa is not real, no there is no Easter bunny, and what!? The tooth fairy yea… she’s not real all of them are just your parents.  And had your child coming home in tears as they could not comprehend that that was true in any way.  But I have a belief that we teach our children not to lie to us, so we cannot lie to them either, lying to them about Santa, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, and the like is not conducive to the do not lie to me lesson that we try to teach them.   Now I know many say this lie adds to their imagination but we have stories for that and truly children’s imaginations are wonderful things and don’t need lies as fodder in order for them to be fostered properly.   So today when my son arrived home I took his zip lock bag and he was happy in the thought that it was safe in my hands, the real tooth fairy and tonight when he goes to sleep I will still give him the moment, we will put it under his pillow and he will fall asleep and when he awakes the bag will be replaced by a crisp $5 dollar bill (inflation effects the “tooth fairy” too LOL) and he will come to me and thank me and we will move on, no need for lies but still a milestone in his life and so very noted.  Pictures and moments we have done it and preserved this milestone, but no lies, hey this is what I do, how I do it, I will not apologise for who and what I am I am just telling you all something, so just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Until Next time, be well


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