The end of March break…

It’s that last day of March break ….starting tomorrow I am back to the normal grind, laundry, lunch prep and everything else that is required to get ready for the school week and then come Monday it is back to the morning routine, the morning run, the afternoon run, the evening routine and then looking forward to Easter as a prelude to the real break, summer! I really enjoyed shedding the schedule for a few days and relaxing.  Now, yes March break did make way for days that had to be structured in a different way
but at least I did not have to wake up at 5am and actually get out of my bed I could sleep in a little. Cause we all know children have so many issues with getting up on time for school but on the weekends or holidays they have no issue at all with getting up on time.  But with a properly prepared night before with breakfast set out and ready, I was able to steal at least an extra hour every morning and I loved it! Many may ask isn’t it harder with your children home, having to plan activities, keep them amused, shuttle them from this activity to that activity, from this friend’s house to that friend’s house but no it actually isn’t. I love spending time with my children, indulging them in their activities and crafts, conversations and whims and truly I resent the time they spend at school (understanding it is required) as it takes up most of their lives.  Our children are children forsuch a short time in the span of life and school takes most of it.  I love to see the world through their eyes, I love to hear their opinion on things, to see how they mould the world when they have the freedom too.  So no, I don’t resent holidays, I love holidays I love when they are all home and I can spend time with them one on one, section by section, or as a group.  And during March break, I was almost like a kid at Christmas, sleeping in, no runs or routines, and spending quality wonderful time with my children, bliss. Truly I am going to miss them….. Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day, until next time, be well.


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