The first day back

Today was the first day back, back to the morning routine, back to the morning run, back to the afternoon run, back to the evening routine.  And we made it through, made it where we had to go when we needed to be there and in the end, I am so happy for it.  Truly I wasn’t sure how it was really going to go,  if I could really get back into the routine I really got used to not having to do it, enjoyed the time off, I enjoyed it so much it almost felt normal, but when the time came I fell right back into real life and got it done.  The prep on Sunday got done, and this day ran as it should have.  So much so it felt normal in an instant my break from it almost already a distant memory.  But now that the day has finally wound itself down and the end is drawing near I am ready for “my time” and then bed.  I will tackle tomorrow tomorrow.  Have some planning to do as 2 has decided that she wants to take on a new nutritional plan and so now meal plans and grocery lists will have to be created to accommodate these changes.  It’s a good thing though, she is being conscious about health and those things that should be included in one’s diet to accommodate their special circumstances.  In the coming posts I will speak on that further and let you all know how the changes go.  One thing my children have no issue with is eating, every one of them have what one would call a healthy appetite, and they are all far from picky except for a few dietary restrictions and dislikes they will eat just about anything, so I am sure that they will accept the changes as long as they are still able to eat.  So I don’t anticipate any objection to the changes, I think the greatest issue will be the changed lists and meal plans and staying on track until it becomes the norm but I will see about that once it begins.  Well that’s just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Until next time, Be well.


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