The sounds of silence

So I have a question…..are children deaf? Or are they just insanely loud without noticing.  Or is it just my children……my children are so loud and they aren’t yelling at each other in fits of anger or in the midst of an argument but in normal conversation or play, they are just loud.  I find myself constantly telling them to hush, that they shouldn’t be in the room down the hall and I am unable to hear the television in the room that I am in.  And it’s not just their voices I also have to remind them about the television as well but that is a small issue because once it is turned down its down.  But their voices are always turned up to loud or louder, I just don’t understand it.  They are always yelling! And it drives me crazy! Constantly having to tell them,” hush”, “keep your voices down you’re not in the playground”, “stop yelling”, why do you have to be so loud?”  I simply am perplexed by it. Mostly perplexed.  Well I can sort of understand it, there are many reasons for it, first being that they are just children when I pick up my children at school or daycare all the children are insanely loud.  The hum that rises as soon as the school bell rings after school is crazy and how as a parent I ignore it lends to the truth that one can truly block anything out if they try.  In that environment I can block out the sound and focus on what I am doing and when my children were younger I could block out the sound as well so much so my father used to always ask me are you not hearing that!? As I continued to have our conversation oblivious to the sounds my children made as they played. But as they have gotten older I can’t take it with the same grain of salt, the sound rises like a wave and eventually overtakes me and I become overwhelmed and lost in the sound of it all.  So in that regard it is also my fault, I didn’t reign it in when they were younger not believing that those little voices would ever rise to such a level as to drown out all other sounds in the house LOL.
Lately I have been seriously trying to reign it in, attempting to quiet their voices somewhat and so I am on them all the time to recognize that their voices are extremely loud and it is not necessary as they are right in front each other and none of them are deaf.  And slowly change is beginning to occur but the mean time is still frustrating as when they get really excited they fully forget and my house sounds like a playground.  It could be a bigger issue in my house as there are more children in my home so they have the opportunity to be louder but in the end I don’t see it like that cause this is my reality, the only reality that I know, so I see it as loud not that there are seven of them therefore loud must be acceptable, its not for me regardless.  But this lesson in their volume levels speaks to the fact that as a parent we really can change our children’s questionable behaviours by ensuring that we are diligent in our quest to be rid of them.  Surely we cannot change behaviours that are part of their core character but behaviours like simply speaking way too loud for their mother to take, those can be changed.  As I said in my home it is getting better and I am optimistically predicting that within the next 6 weeks I will have silence, well….not silence because children do get loud and that’s just how children are but they will learn that there is no need to be loud all the time.  And in that understanding I must add this little factor to my quest in quieting my home, sometimes parents do it to themselves.  Sometimes we contribute to the noise levels by buying loud and annoying toys for our children, that we look at and can’t wait for the batteries to die LOL.  I remember telling my son that Elmo was sleeping when its batteries finally died and recently I bought my children a vuvuzela, you know the horn that soccer fans love to blow as the game is being played.  Now, that thing is loud and when I bought it I considered that I would regret it and there are times when I do, but when I see how happy they are to play with it the regret quickly alleviates because in the end beyond all the noise and keep your voices down, stop yelling, and hush, sometimes the loud sounds are the sounds of the utter and sheer happiness and as their mother it brings me joy.  They are happy, happy to be in that moment of their lives and for that I am grateful because as parents all we really want is happy healthy children, now I cannot promise that the next time they raise their voices I will remember that little spin I just put on their noise levels but I can promise that I won’t always forget. *smile* Well that’s just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Until next time, Be well.


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