Today everything worked as it was supposed to, everyone where they need to be at the time they were supposed to, lunches made, afternoon run done, evening routine executed and now at the end of my evening, I am so tired. Almost too tired to go to sleep but too tired to do anything more. Not sure why I am feeling so tired on a Monday the beginning of the week, probably because it’s Monday and Monday’s aren’t always easy. Starting the week and leaving the weekend behind is not an easy thing. And for me, I am here on Monday already tired from the week because I have already planned out my entire week until Friday and that makes this week that has yet to even start really feel tiring and over. It’s crazy how life does that to a person. I promised in a past post that I would stop and live in the moment and not rush through the today that I took my time yesterday to plan but it is so very difficult to really do that in my every day. There are times when I can actually do that, when I spend time with my children, or when I play games with my children, or spend time with them watching their favourite shows, or when I spend time with my beautiful sunset, these are moments when I am present and in that moment enjoying and revelling in the now but the rest of my life I don’t do it enough. I am going to have to continue to put that idea into practice. It is an important part of life I believe as I have said before so at the end of yet another day I am taking in this moment and I’m going to enjoy it before I finally am able to go to sleep. And I am not going to worry about tomorrow and what needs to happen until tomorrow morning when I wake up and when those moments come to pass, except for those things that I am looking forward to of course, like the hugs I know I will get, the sunset I will get to see, the smiles and laughs we will share and all of the other beautiful moments. Because in the end I have already prepared everything that needs to happen tomorrow anyway so there is no need to stay in the moments of tomorrow when today’s moments have yet to pass. Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until Next time, be well


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