Spring has sprung?

It finally is beginning to feel like spring is actually coming upon us, has me wondering is winter really over? Can I really take that deep breath? Leave the thoughts of -30 and -35 behind? I love spring, not just because it is the prelude to my favourite season, summer but because it is the season of promise, the season when everything is born for the first time or born again. After the long, dark, and cold winter, spring gives one the feeling of I made it, it’s the season where the sun begins to shine again and its presence just makes people happier, smile more, shedding the blahs that winter can create sometimes. It marks the beginning of patio season with the occasional day when we can sit on the patio and enjoy a meal or a drink, preparing us for the days of summer when every day is a patio day. The flowers finally can bloom bringing colour back into our world and with it the beautiful songs of the birds. For me it also means a shorter morning routine, first of all it will be brighter when I wake my children up so I will no longer have to explain why it only looks like night time it’s actually morning and it is time to wake up. And my most favourite thing about spring is that now I will be able to get my flowers, I love to receive fresh flowers and my sons knowing this bring me flowers all the time, they bring me singles, bouquets, as well as various varieties picked on their way to and from school. I teach them not to pick flowers from private homes so they pick the flowers that they can pick from and bring them for me just about every day. Truly it is a beautiful thing and thoughtful of them. The next best thing will be that no longer will I have to worry about getting snow pants on, gloves, hats, and scarves on and kept track of, and boots and heavy jackets on, now we can get rid of all of that in exchange for spring jackets and hats and that shortens my morning routine by a noticeable amount. Now after school we won’t be rushing home in the cold but can spend an hour at the park enjoying the beautiful afternoon. My children do love winter, they love making snow forts and having snow ball fights, (a luxury not allowed in the school yard, “snow stays on the ground” they are taught) they love making snow men and generally just having fun in the snow, oblivious to the cold on some days. The one thing that they miss is the park, I simply cannot do the park in the winter, sitting and freezing to almost death on a park bench is not my idea of enjoying the afternoon after school so they are generally confined to our backyard during the winter not necessarily a bad thing as they fully enjoy it but it’s not the park. So now the park is back into the rotation and I am sure they will be thoroughly happy for it. So after the beautiful weekend that we had, I pray that it is able to continue and that spring really has sprung and we can look forward to warmer days and the soon forthcoming lazy hazy days of summer, not just for the well anticipated warmth but also for the ceasing of the school routine, a break for the children but an oh so very anticipated one for parents as well. Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until Next time. Be well.


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