Frilly Friday

It’s Friday again and so it’s Frilly Friday and this one feels great. I am happy that it’s Friday, who doesn’t love a Friday, it’s the first day of the weekend. But also one of a mother’s greatest nightmares has occurred to me this week, one child was ill and then everyone else got it the day after including myself so finally having the weekend to rest is so welcomed, I will get into the details of our illness next week and hopefully we have all recovered by then. But as I said that is a topic for next week because today is Frilly Friday. So today’s Frilly Friday wine suggestion comes from Michelle, she suggested Jackson-Triggs Cabernet Sauvignon, yes another red. This wine has a good price point and comes in 2 different sizes and therefore prices. 4000 ml, which is a box that lasts for 6 weeks and is sold for $42.95. It is also sold in a 1500 ml bottle for $17.95. It is found in both the LCBO and the wine rack so it is easily located. Which makes it easily accessed and therefore more appealing. It is a full bodied red, bold aromas of black currant with hints of vanilla and spice. Good with a tomato based pastas and beef. That being said that is the blurb on the box, I don’t always taste the fruits that wines claim are present in a wine and this one is no different. I keep tasting it to taste the black currants, the hint of vanilla and spice but while I taste the black currants, the vanilla and spice kind of elude me.  That being said this is a good wine. It is a well-balanced wine and the tannins are not so present in the back of the palate, it is dry and a rich red, heavy as a red can be, and truly a wine I would suggest to red wine lovers and occasional red wine drinkers alike. So in the end black currants with a hint of vanilla and spice is good. I tried it with the suggested beef, and the accents it created were alright in my opinion. However I tried it with a tomato based pasta and OMG it was fabulous. Truly it awakens the palate, it is wonderfully paired with a tomato based sauce and I would highly recommend it to all. So thank you Michelle for your contribution to Frilly Friday. Enjoy and get frilly. Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until next time. Be well.


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