Just keeping you updated

I know that today is supposed to be Tasty Tuesday but both myself and my children have been horribly ill, as a result I have been unable to maintain my postings, so please forgive the lack of post yesterday and today, hopefully by tomorrow I will be in better health and be able to post again but in the meantime I would like to leave you with what happened with 7. He went to the bathroom and came to me for toilet paper, I was shocked as I had just put some in there and couldn’t understand why there wasn’t any left. So I got a roll and then went to the bathroom to give it to him when I got there I saw that there was already a roll there. I said to him 7 there was already a roll here why didn’t you use that one. And then with a serious face and a serious voice he said to me because that roll is jacked up. I was speechless my four year old just told me that the toilet paper was jacked up and said it like one would say it’s raining. I didn’t laugh in his face I saved that for when I left but in the end I found it hilarious and extremely cute and clearly worth noting and sharing. Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until Next time, be well.


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