Pancreatic cancer awareness ads


Have you seen this ad? This ad has gotten a lot of both good and bad press. It’s for pancreatic cancer, it was created in order to bring awareness to pancreatic cancer. Some feel it is effective others feel it is effectively offensive. The person who thought of this ad campaign has defended herself by saying that she was not trying to be offensive but that she was simply trying to shed light on pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of the 22 common cancers, it is truly a deadly cancer yet awareness about it is almost nil. The creator of this campaign wasn’t trying to say that breast cancer is a “better” cancer to have but that its survival rate is much higher than that of pancreatic cancer, however many who have had family members who have had this cancer defend these ads and say that they are correct. Anyone who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer does wish they had a different type. One man cited that his family member found out that he had pancreatic cancer and he was dead in a week, another cited that after their family member was diagnosed they were dead in a month. Both stated that if there family member had had another type of cancer their survival rate would have been higher, that they might still be here today. Early detection of this cancer is the key but many do not get that chance and the diagnosis is fatal. The creator of these ads also had pancreatic cancer, luckily for her it was diagnosed early, was operable, she was able to be treated, and is now in remission. And as a result of her remission she decided to raise awareness, get the message out there and hopefully create a change. I understand the reasoning behind these ads and I also can appreciate the feelings of those who have family members who have other cancers or who have other cancers themselves and are offended by these ads. Sometimes it takes something racy, poignant to get the attention of people, to make people stop and actually pay attention. This is what these ads were created to do and I would say that they were effective, whether you are offended or applauding these ads have served their purpose, they have started the conversation, they have raised awareness and hopefully all of this publicity will continue to light the way for pancreatic cancer and one day a cure can be found. Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until Next time, be well.

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