Tasty Tuesday

I know the weather today calls for comfort food so I decided that I was going to cook spaghetti with a meat sauce but I wasn’t really feeling that so I made another choice. This was it, I have an indoor grill because today is truly not a go outside and grill kind of day but even if you can’t bbq outside or have an indoor grill you can make this recipe on the stove top as well. I hope you enjoy!

Grilled Shrimp Scampi



2 tablespoons olive oil   4 ounces unsalted butter (1 stick), cut into pieces

1/3 cup fresh lemon juice (about 2 lemons), plus 1 lemon cut into wedges for serving   2 tablespoons chopped parsley

2 teaspoons kosher salt, divided

1 pinch red pepper flakes

1 1/2 teaspoons black pepper, divided

1/2 cup dry white wine

2 pounds large shrimp, peeled, deveined, tails attached

3 garlic cloves, sliced thinly



  1. In a medium bowl combine the olive oil, 2 tablespoons of the lemon juice, half the garlic, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper. Stir well. Place the shrimp on metal skewers and add to the marinade. Refrigerate for no more than 30 minutes.


  2. Meanwhile, in a large heatproof pan or bowl that can be placed on the coolest part of the grill, combine the butter, parsley, red pepper flakes, wine and the remaining lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper. Set aside.


  3. Heat the grill to medium high. Place the bowl or pan with the butter mixture on the grill (or you can heat on the stove over medium low) until hot and bubbly. Set aside.


  4. Place the skewered shrimp on the grill (discard the marinade) and cook each side for about 3 to 4 minutes, until opaque and slightly curled. Remove shrimp from the skewers, place in the butter mixture and toss well. Serve at once in shallow bowls. Garnish with lemon wedges.

Mother’s rights vs Father’s rights who loses….the child

Last week New Jersey superior Court Judge Soheil Mohammed ruled that an expectant mother can bar an expectant father from the delivery room, and going so far as to say that the expectant mother doesn’t even have to inform the expectant father that she is even in labour. In this case he found: “A finding in favor of plaintiff for both notification and forced entry into the delivery room would in fact be inconsistent with existing jurisprudence on the interests of women in the children they carry pre-birth,” he wrote in Plotnick v. DeLuccia.

“It would create practical concerns where the father’s unwelcomed presence could cause additional stress on the mother and child. Moreover, such a finding would also lead to a slippery slope where the mother’s interest could be subjugated to that of the father’s.”

He furthers his argument by stating: the doctrine of Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973), that women have the right to control their bodies during pregnancy. He also cited Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833 (1992), which struck down a state law requiring married women to notify their husbands before having an abortion.

The feelings about this decision have been much divided and this division is very understandable. There are some on one side that argue that a woman has the right to decide what happens with her body. And as long as the baby is in her body it is up to her to decide what happens in the delivery room. Others argue that men are once again being eliminated from their children’s lives. That by law they are legally and financially responsible for this child yet the mother has the right to exclude or include him at her whim. I am sure many have their opinion on this but I have various feelings. I can see with a woman who has been raped or abused not wanting that man in the delivery room for reasons that are beyond obvious. But because we have had a fight or we don’t get along or are no longer together? No that is not fair and this judgement can lead to so much misuse in my opinion. Justice Mohammed cited that the interests of the mother would be subjugated in favour of the father in this case but isn’t the interests of the father being subjugated in this case as well. When it comes to the birth of a child I do not believe that any interest should be considered except for the child’s. I am a woman, (smile as we all know) and I recall the moment when the father of children saw them for the first time, right after birth, that moment of here is my child, his face, his joy, his instant love that moment…..where he stands in that understanding, in that moment, knowing that that moment is priceless, hell I will speak for myself…..that moment where I saw my child’s face for the first time. Immediately after the birth, when they put my child into my arms, there is no moment that amounts to that one, no moment that measures that, how could I deny that moment to the father of my child because I am angry at him? Because we had a fight? Because I made the bad choice of choosing him? My choice not my child’s mistake to pay for and miss that moment with their father for? Because I hate him in this moment in a life where moments fade and are replaced by knowledge and forgiveness and then regret? Those moments cannot be replaced. How dare I deny him a moment that I personally understand the gravity of but more importantly deny my child of! That moment for my own selfish reasons that have nothing to do with my child but all to do with me. If the woman is in danger then I fully understand that the father should not be there but because I don’t like him? We have broken up? I don’t think that’s fair. And this argument is fraught on both sides because then a woman may ask how can he see me like that and it be alright? His presence makes me uncomfortable and therefore ruins my birth experience. My first crass answer would be well….he has seen you in a few positions hence the reason you are in this one now and it may be slightly similar so…..you should let it go. The sensitive part of me says yes who wants to be uncomfortable during birth I agree, why would we want to have a person we don’t like or get along with in this our presence in this moment. But this argument is so heated, it has no fair conclusion in my opinion. How can one truly speak and be fair on either side? It is not fair for a man to impose himself into this moment, but it is also not fair for a woman to exclude a man from this moment. This life while she is carrying it has been also created by him as well, he has as much right to seeing it being brought forth as the mother and the fact that it is her body excludes him isn’t fair. She gave him assess to her body when they created this child and that should give him rights to seeing his child, the life he assisted in creating brought forth. In this world of children without fathers present I find it so sad that we are taking away the fathers that want to be there. This father actually took this woman to court in order to see his child be born! Meanwhile we have fathers who haven’t seen their children in that child’s entire lifetime! This man is actually trying to be a part of his child’s life and we are denying him? No actually nothing is being tried here, he was denied it, he was not allowed to see his child being born and what’s so ironic is that he was respecting the mothers desire to not have him there all he was asking was that after the child was born and she had her moment with the child he was allowed to see his child but she wanted him to wait until the next day or further days saying she would put him on the visitors list. And some may say so what why can’t he wait it’s just one day but I ask you as a mother would you? Would you want to wait a day? We as mothers have privileges that we assume to be true? Assume are our right to have? But fathers don’t? I don’t think that this is fair at all….this is a very difficult situation to assess because mothers truly deserve but fathers deserve too and I see this precedent being set will not be used for good and the true betterment of the mother as it will be used to punish fathers. The Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973), decision was a hard enough blow to men, true no fair that a woman has to have a baby that she doesn’t want but the father wants to have she can have an abortion but is that fair to the man? I guess my true query here is when did mothers become more important than fathers? Both play a significant role in creating the child and should continue to do so in the raising and nurturing of the child. In a world where fathers must take financial responsibility for a child even if he desired the woman to have an abortion but she chose not to we should also consider and respect the flip side he wants the child she should have it, they are fighting and not getting along he gets to be there. In this case the choices can’t always be skewed to the woman, he has rights too and if the flip side is occurring he has no rights? It’s not fair, I am a woman and I am saying that my rights as a mother should not supersede the rights of a father just as his do not supersede mine, concessions must be made, and understandings must be found. And no one can accuse me of being unable to understand the various situations that can occur between mother’s and father’s because I truly do from the stories I have heard, the lives I know have been lived and my own story so while I have yet to fully go into detail as to my situation, that will be revealed as time passes but know it is serious enough to say that a woman would understand if I said my children cannot see their father ever again but that would be about me. I know what he has done to me and it is truly truly terrible but in the end has nothing to do with my children’s relationship with him. And while I do not want anything to do with him I always and will forever advocate for my children to know and have a relationship with him because that is not about me, him or the relationship that we had it is about them and until the day they decide they don’t want a relationship with him I will not stop it or until it is harmful to them of course but in the end he and I are not and should ever be the deciding factor in their relationship. I think this precedent allows mother’s to lose sight of what their true focus should be. Again giving us the law to punish the fathers of our children for sins that are not our children’s to bear. I am not wronging women who are angry, not trying to incite…. the but you don’t know what he did’s…. but he did it to you….not the child….and in the end if he is trying to be a father a true father to your child after all the wrong that he has done to you…does your child not deserve a father? Because he wronged you? Save his damnation for when he does wrong to your child? In the equation truly…you should not factor in…… It’s not fair to say I come before him, because truly in the end the true meaning of all of this is being lost, mothers wishes…..father’s wishes….where is the child’s wishes no one speaks for the child and in the end the child deserves their rights to be advocated for and in this situation and most that is not occurring. How about we start to say forget the parents lets advocate for the child that deserves equality for access and life with both parents. Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until next time, be well.

Tasty Tuesday

Hello everyone its Tasty Tuesday! Before I get into the recipe for today I just wanted to express that I hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday/Easter weekend. I fully enjoyed the long weekend for so many reasons, the most poignant one was the break from the morning routine and having the opportunity to spend time with my children. We had a wonderful weekend together. I look forward to the next holiday. But for now we are back to the daily routines, etc. So here is today’s recipe it is inspired by Paris. A wonderful red wine beef that is served in a restaurant in Paris, France. This recipe is similar to the meal that was served in that restaurant so I alter that recipe somewhat to accommodate that but it is a good base if one desires to change it in any way and it is good regardless so give it a try. Enjoy!

Beef Burgundy Recipe with Wine

This is a classic Beef Burgundy that is super easy to make and is based on the classic red Burgundy wines (Pinot Noir).


Prep Time: 10 minutes   Cook Time: 25 minutes   Total Time: 35 minutes



•2 lbs. sirloin steak (cut beef into 1-inch cubes)

•8 oz. fresh or frozen mushrooms (small portabella mushrooms turn up the flavor even more)

•1 medium red onion (quartered or diced)

•2 garlic cloves (minced)

•1/2 cup butter

•1/4 cup flour

•1/4 tsp sea salt

•1/4 tsp black pepper (coarse ground)

•1/4 tsp crushed thyme

•1/8 cup fresh parsley

•1 cup red Burgundy wine (Pinot Noir)

•2 cups beef broth

•optional: crumbled bacon (2-3 slices)

•pearled onions (1 cup)



Combine flour, salt, pepper 1 minced garlic clove in a plastic Tupperware or Ziploc container. Add in cubed beef and seal container. Shake to coat the beef thoroughly with flour mixture. Melt 1/4 cup of butter in large cast iron skillet, add mushroom and onion and sauté until soft. Set sautéed mushroom and onions aside. Melt the remaining 1/4 cup of the butter, add the second minced garlic clove and the coated beef cubes. Brown coated beef on medium heat.

Once beef has browned, slowly add the red Burgundy wine and beef broth. Bring mixture to a boil, then turn heat down and add the mushroom and onions back to the skillet. Allow to simmer for another 10 minutes or so. Add thyme and bay leaf. You want to see the liquid reduced by about 1/3 and the sauce to thicken. Keep stirring and scraping the skillet during the simmer phase. You may add a little extra flour if needed to thicken the Burgundy sauce. Towards the end of the simmer phase add the finely chopped fresh parsley for a little added flavor. Add the optional bacon crumbles and pearled onions. Serve with roasted or mashed potatoes (red or Yukon are best bets) or over well-buttered egg noodles and a side of sautéed spinach sprinkled with sea salt. Consider serving the same red Burgundy wine that was used in the recipe with the meal to accent and draw out the parallel flavors.

Pancreatic cancer awareness ads


Have you seen this ad? This ad has gotten a lot of both good and bad press. It’s for pancreatic cancer, it was created in order to bring awareness to pancreatic cancer. Some feel it is effective others feel it is effectively offensive. The person who thought of this ad campaign has defended herself by saying that she was not trying to be offensive but that she was simply trying to shed light on pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of the 22 common cancers, it is truly a deadly cancer yet awareness about it is almost nil. The creator of this campaign wasn’t trying to say that breast cancer is a “better” cancer to have but that its survival rate is much higher than that of pancreatic cancer, however many who have had family members who have had this cancer defend these ads and say that they are correct. Anyone who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer does wish they had a different type. One man cited that his family member found out that he had pancreatic cancer and he was dead in a week, another cited that after their family member was diagnosed they were dead in a month. Both stated that if there family member had had another type of cancer their survival rate would have been higher, that they might still be here today. Early detection of this cancer is the key but many do not get that chance and the diagnosis is fatal. The creator of these ads also had pancreatic cancer, luckily for her it was diagnosed early, was operable, she was able to be treated, and is now in remission. And as a result of her remission she decided to raise awareness, get the message out there and hopefully create a change. I understand the reasoning behind these ads and I also can appreciate the feelings of those who have family members who have other cancers or who have other cancers themselves and are offended by these ads. Sometimes it takes something racy, poignant to get the attention of people, to make people stop and actually pay attention. This is what these ads were created to do and I would say that they were effective, whether you are offended or applauding these ads have served their purpose, they have started the conversation, they have raised awareness and hopefully all of this publicity will continue to light the way for pancreatic cancer and one day a cure can be found. Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until Next time, be well.

Broiled Tiliapia Parmesan

One of my favourite fishes is Tilapia so this recipe appealed to me. I think that it is a very yummy recipe but I alter it some for my tastes. So I am sure when you try it you will do the same, but in the end it is truly yummy enjoy!


Makes 8 servings        Prep time – 5 min Cook time – 10 min Total time – 15 min

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

1/4 cup butter, softened

3 tablespoons mayonnaise

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

1/4 teaspoon dried basil

1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

1/8 teaspoon onion powder

1/8 teaspoon celery salt

2 pounds tilapia fillets


1. Preheat your oven’s broiler. Grease a broiling pan or line pan with aluminum foil.

2 .In a small bowl, mix together the Parmesan cheese, butter, mayonnaise and lemon juice. Season with dried basil, pepper, onion powder and celery salt. Mix well and set aside.

3. Arrange fillets in a single layer on the prepared pan. Broil a few inches from the heat for 2 to 3 minutes. Flip the fillets over and broil for a couple more minutes. Remove the fillets from the oven and cover them with the Parmesan cheese mixture on the top side. Broil for 2 more minutes or until the topping is browned and fish flakes easily with a fork. Be careful not to over cook the fish.

Karyn Washington

Last week a young lady was found dead in an apparent suicide, she was only 22 years old. Her name was Karyn Washinton, she was the author of the blog For brown girls and the founder of the dark skin red lips project. She wrote inspirational pieces for others in an effort to make the world a brighter place. Unfortunately she was unable to do that for herself. Her mother passed away in 2009 and apparently that pain along with depression and a mental illness, she kept to herself and was not properly diagnosed or treated is what lead to this tragedy occurring. It is truly a sad day to see a light put out by its inability to be light enough for itself. The internet is filled with so many tributes to this young lady who inspired so many people, it makes me look at her with such sadness and makes an interesting realization prevalent again, as I am already very familiar with this conundrum. Here it is….someone can be so inspiring to others and still be so very sad. My question who does the one who inspires others go to when they need inspiring. One is not sunshine all the time, everyone gets down so who does one turn to, when they need that moment to feel inspired. Who helps them to feel better? And in the case of some who can you tell? Not everybody is lucky enough to have that person who they can always be real, honest, and true with, a person they can show their true face too without judgement. It is truly a heavy burden to bear when everyone looks at you as inspiring, people assume that one is so strong, that one can get through everything, people look at one as if they are super human and have no problems but they are wrong….everyone is human regardless of the insight they are able to impart on the world they feel human emotions just like every other. They need that rock as well. They too need the support and insight that they provide for others. People must remember that their gift to shed light does not make them any less vulnerable to what life can throw our way, doesn’t make them any less in need of the support, encouragement, and love that they put forth into the world. In our world of facebook, instagram, and twitter our lives have been reduced to snap shots taken and posted with a happy or funny caption, or a witty one liner followed by hash tags but what about in between the snap shots and one liners? What is our true life like? Many people live in a silent hell with no one to turn to, pretending that life is what it should be, teetering on that line of trying to see the light but truly plunging into the darkness. It appears that this was the case for Karyn, while living her life in what appeared to be light, she was teetering on that line, living in a darkness that eventually took her over. One of her friends wrote a post online, she expressed her grief so beautifully in her tribute to her friend, in it she said that while her friend is gone she will still look to her as her inspiration because Karyn was always inspiring to her. She expresses her guilt in knowing only a little about Karyn’s pain and wishing that she could have been for her as she clearly required. She also wished her friend had seen the inspiration that she had put into the world, understood the magnitude of her insight. While she meant that with all the love in the world it furthers that while she is an inspiration she was not to herself. She needed and she was left without the support that she needed and her loss is so sad. This was a preventable death, her friend was not equipped to assist her, she too being a young woman but there were people who could have assisted her and unfortunately she fell through the cracks. In the end her light has not gone out but no longer shines as it used to. Her followers of her blog vow to keep her light burning and her project in the forefront. However the fact still remains that Karyn is gone now, no longer will she be posting daily and the reason is because mental illness is too often ignored. It is treated as something that will pass and we must not worry about it. But the truth of the matter is that it is here, we tend to ignore the illnesses we cannot see, we get up for the person with the cane, make room for the person in the wheelchair as they pass by but we miss the depressed person as they sadly pass us, or as they fake a cheerful I am doing well thank you when we ask how are you. In our society we do not notice those people, understandably they are hard to identify in public but what about private, do we just dismiss it as so and so is just depressed again. Or they are just negative and can’t see the good things in their lives, well isn’t that the definition of depression? Doesn’t that mean just as if their tibia was sticking out of their leg it is obvious that something is broken? We live in a world where people ask each other how are you as they pass by but don’t even wait to hear the answer. What if I didn’t give the appropriate expected response and I said I have had a terrible day today and was considering jumping off my roof after dinner would the person who asked even hear me? And would they even want to hear my truthful answer, no one asks how are you, to hear the truth, they are just being polite saying what they are supposed to say. The saying am I my brother’s/sister’s keeper comes to mind? Are we? There was a time that the answer was easy, of course I am. But today it’s not the case everyone worries about themselves, sharing our lives on facebook, twitter, etc open in the world of social media yet hiding behind the closed doors of our home cut off from the world in the human sense. It is unfortunate that so many people are really living in a private hell, trying to navigate through the darkness and sadness feeling so very alone. It is heartbreaking that they live this way and in the case of Karyn that they die this way. Hopefully Karyn’s death is not in vain and that her story sheds light on this issue that a message is sent and understood and some change can occur. That people can see that even the inspiring need to be inspired. That even the strong need strength. That even the light sees darkness. And Karyn says it very well so I will end with her words:
“As humans, regardless of color, age, socio-economic status, gender, and other characteristics, we MUST build each other up rather than tear each other down in order to change the world and create a better place for our children and future generations. As women, it is imperative as well as our duty to love ourselves unconditionally, smile and laugh often, and NEVER allow ANYONE to steal our joy.”

Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until next time, be well.

Just keeping you updated

I know that today is supposed to be Tasty Tuesday but both myself and my children have been horribly ill, as a result I have been unable to maintain my postings, so please forgive the lack of post yesterday and today, hopefully by tomorrow I will be in better health and be able to post again but in the meantime I would like to leave you with what happened with 7. He went to the bathroom and came to me for toilet paper, I was shocked as I had just put some in there and couldn’t understand why there wasn’t any left. So I got a roll and then went to the bathroom to give it to him when I got there I saw that there was already a roll there. I said to him 7 there was already a roll here why didn’t you use that one. And then with a serious face and a serious voice he said to me because that roll is jacked up. I was speechless my four year old just told me that the toilet paper was jacked up and said it like one would say it’s raining. I didn’t laugh in his face I saved that for when I left but in the end I found it hilarious and extremely cute and clearly worth noting and sharing. Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until Next time, be well.

Frilly Friday

It’s Friday again and so it’s Frilly Friday and this one feels great. I am happy that it’s Friday, who doesn’t love a Friday, it’s the first day of the weekend. But also one of a mother’s greatest nightmares has occurred to me this week, one child was ill and then everyone else got it the day after including myself so finally having the weekend to rest is so welcomed, I will get into the details of our illness next week and hopefully we have all recovered by then. But as I said that is a topic for next week because today is Frilly Friday. So today’s Frilly Friday wine suggestion comes from Michelle, she suggested Jackson-Triggs Cabernet Sauvignon, yes another red. This wine has a good price point and comes in 2 different sizes and therefore prices. 4000 ml, which is a box that lasts for 6 weeks and is sold for $42.95. It is also sold in a 1500 ml bottle for $17.95. It is found in both the LCBO and the wine rack so it is easily located. Which makes it easily accessed and therefore more appealing. It is a full bodied red, bold aromas of black currant with hints of vanilla and spice. Good with a tomato based pastas and beef. That being said that is the blurb on the box, I don’t always taste the fruits that wines claim are present in a wine and this one is no different. I keep tasting it to taste the black currants, the hint of vanilla and spice but while I taste the black currants, the vanilla and spice kind of elude me.  That being said this is a good wine. It is a well-balanced wine and the tannins are not so present in the back of the palate, it is dry and a rich red, heavy as a red can be, and truly a wine I would suggest to red wine lovers and occasional red wine drinkers alike. So in the end black currants with a hint of vanilla and spice is good. I tried it with the suggested beef, and the accents it created were alright in my opinion. However I tried it with a tomato based pasta and OMG it was fabulous. Truly it awakens the palate, it is wonderfully paired with a tomato based sauce and I would highly recommend it to all. So thank you Michelle for your contribution to Frilly Friday. Enjoy and get frilly. Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until next time. Be well.

Smh @ Gwyneth

So it has been all over the news, Gwyneth Paltrow has made a comment that has mothers, women, and men all over the world up in arms, others not so much, some say she put her foot in it others don’t see what all the fuss is. So what did she say? Well….here it is:

“I think it’s different when you have an office job, because it’s routine and, you know, you can do all the stuff in the morning and then you come home in the evening. When you’re shooting a movie, they’re like, ‘We need you to go to Wisconsin for two weeks,’ and then you work 14 hours a day and that part of it is very difficult. I think to have a regular job and be a mom is not as, of course there are challenges, but it’s not like being on set.”

Personally I do not really “follow” what Gwyneth does, that being said I have now been made aware that her fan base is very marginalized, there are some that love her and some that hate her. She is known for being pretentious, judgemental, out of touch and that’s just a few of the attributes attributed to her. Until she made this comment Gwyneth wasn’t even on my radar but this comment has put her completely in my cipher and so my 2 cents on her comment….well here we go. Now first I will say that nothing happens in a vacuum and in Gwyneth’s world this comment makes full sense she is lost in a world many of us could only dream of and certainly cannot comprehend we are as out of touch with her world as she clearly is with ours. The difference may be that we are more sympathetic then she is but I digress…. Gwyneth didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth, no there were two spoons and they weren’t made of silver, no they were made of pure gold. She has no idea about the world of the mother with an office job, she has no idea about the life of the typical working mom. Granted we have to give it to Gwyneth by definition she is a working mom, she works and she is a mom but is she really…..a working…mom? No not at all. Gwyneth has the ability to choose to be a working mom she could just be a mom if she chooses and when Gwyneth works she only does so once a year. Gwyneth does one movie a year so her two weeks away from her children is the brunt of her absence and therein ends the difficulties that she faces as a working mother. In the world outside of Gwyneth’s bubble, you know what we call the real world, where the rest of us live we don’t get the options and opportunities that Gwyneth’s life affords her. And truly one thing that I do not like to do is compare motherhoods to motherhoods. I believe that as mothers we all have our experiences we each have our rises and falls, our hardships and triumphs and these occur regardless of the number of children we have or our economic statuses but Gwyneth has brought this to me. She is comparing her life to mine, to yours, to the life of the “regular” mother, the daily working mother, the single mother, the stay at home mother who doesn’t have Gwyneth’s bank account and lifestyle, the military mother, the ill mother, the mother dealing with her special needs child, the mother with multiples, the mother with fill in the blank and repeat and the difference is so vast that a comparison, a comment must be made here. Now Gwyneth is right in saying that the life of the working mother is routine, we all must have routines because without them chaos will occur and so we all have routines, and yes we do them in the mornings and then again in the evening? NO shit!? Because in between we aren’t on set for 2 weeks! We are at work, and have to remain there for the entire day until in the evening when we start our evening routine. It’s not like we do the morning routine and hang out in our million dollar house for the day and then start our evening routine. We don’t get to choose which million dollar movie we choose to do this year and work for a period of time and then not work, no we work daily Monday to Friday, 9-5 if we are lucky. Many of us working mothers have to work longer weeks and longer days not to mention the job of being a mother which is by definition a 25 hours a day 8 days a week job! We don’t have nannies, maids and rock star husbands to take the brunt of our lives. Gwyneth doesn’t need to worry about her two parent family not making ends meet, or now that she is “separated” from her husband being the single mom. She will never have to worry about getting a second job in order to make ends still not meet! How could her life compare to the life of the typical mother?! She works 14 hour days? Yes she does no doubt but she doesn’t do that 365, NO! She does it for a period of time, and she doesn’t have to! If she chooses to quit her job today she will never have to worry again! Many working mothers work 14 hour days, because they have to, and they do it 365! Not 14! They aren’t living in a world of choice, no they are living in a world of necessity and that makes it much more stressful and harder than Gwyneth’s situation. And she is right a typical mother isn’t like being on set, we do not have people catering to us at work, we don’t get to say I need and want a break and I am taking it I do not care about what you say, and be able to say that without worrying that our jobs would be in jeopardy and/or our pay for the day reduced. We aren’t at work considering that the bills need to be paid and while we are at work we aren’t really sure how it is all going to get done or being at work and wishing we could be home instead but work while we may enjoy it is a necessity, and I can list much more but in the end I am sure that the life of a working mother is nothing like being on set and its not because the life of a working mother is easier than that of the mother on set. Her comment of “of course there are challenges” sounded so condescending…..are you serious?! The issue is that she really doesn’t see how she offended mothers by her comment. “Of course there are challenges”? You call being a military mother and being away from your children for 9 months out of the year if you are lucky, simply a challenge? Being a single mother with a less than ideal job who doesn’t eat tonight because she would rather her children have the food simply a challenge? A working mother who has two jobs, starts her first job at 7 am ends it at 5pm comes home at 6pm spends an hour with her children so that she can get to her second job at 7pm and works until 12 midnight simply a challenge? Or the working mother who has a full time job and can afford the necessities but if any day became a rainy day she would be screwed simply a challenge? How about the mother who is making ends meet but in order to do so her 14 hour day keeps her from her children that is…..simply a challenge? Or the working mother who is making ends meet but can only do so because she has a good job and losing her job doesn’t mean she gets a hiatus but that she must quickly find another because her job is a necessity to maintaining her life not a choice again is that simply a challenge? And I am sure there are many other scenarios that can be questioned as simply a challenge. Gwyneth changed the definition of challenge in that sentence, she made it seem like a challenge is a walk in the park something to not be really concerned about because sure there are challenges but the life of the working mother is much easier than having a million dollar house, a rock star husband, nannies, maids, an optional job, a bank account that would take a true feat to bankrupt, and all of the other perks that come along with being Ms. Gwyneth Paltrow Martin. Has me wondering if one of my favourite songs by Cold Play, Fix You was a message/cry from Chris Martin for change. Just kidding….kinda. *smile* Now I still stand by my statement that mothers should not judge each other even though I have 7 I still look at other mothers and applaud them. I still see the plight of the mother with 1 or 2 or 3, or one of my greatest fears and mothers I bow to everyday multiples, we all have our own motherhood story and life to live and maintain but what Gwyneth has said here has laid her in the town square to be tarred and feathered and I have been reserved here because truly my first feeling was how dare you!? And a few other words that should not be mentioned here. *smile* I do not understand those who have defended her, one persons argument that she cannot go to the grocery store or walk down the street and my thought is really THAT is why her life is harder than the working mom? That makes her statement valid? I don’t see that being a valid defence because while that is true her life can in no way be compared to that of the typical mother there is more to working motherhood then being able to go to the grocery store and in the end Gwyneth’s only defense here is that she is truly clueless, she really does not understand what she has said here, why women, want, to tar and feather her for this, she is so out of touch with the world beyond her glass house (she really lives in one LOL) that she can’t see herself as the world sees her nor can she see the world as it is for others because she has never had such a perspective. Now please do not get me wrong, I am in no way defending Gwyneth here I am just ensuring that where she is coming from is understood, I believe that having money and privilege shouldn’t make you clueless, insensitive, lack empathy, or make stupid statements. She should fully understand that the world that she lives in is in no way the world that most people in this world live in but she really doesn’t and her ignorance of that is inexcusable. Truly Gwyneth could use a real cold dose of reality, it would do her well, bring her down a serious amount of notches because she needs it. We should all be sympathetic to the plight of others, we should always find a way to relate, understand, and empathize with others. We must not judge others and the way that they live or….truly anything for that matter. We have not walked in their shoes and we therefore have no right to judge them nor do we have the right to dictate how they must walk in those shoes. As I said earlier I did not understand why the world disliked Gwyneth, I didn’t pay enough attention to her to find out but if this statement is any indication of the shit that can spew out of her mouth then I fully understand now and understand why she has “fans” that are less than impressed by her that call her pretentious, insensitive, and out of touch. So! That is my Gwyneth rant and I apologize for the length if it is too long for some of you but sometimes I tend to get long winded LOL. Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until next time, be well.

Spring has sprung?

It finally is beginning to feel like spring is actually coming upon us, has me wondering is winter really over? Can I really take that deep breath? Leave the thoughts of -30 and -35 behind? I love spring, not just because it is the prelude to my favourite season, summer but because it is the season of promise, the season when everything is born for the first time or born again. After the long, dark, and cold winter, spring gives one the feeling of I made it, it’s the season where the sun begins to shine again and its presence just makes people happier, smile more, shedding the blahs that winter can create sometimes. It marks the beginning of patio season with the occasional day when we can sit on the patio and enjoy a meal or a drink, preparing us for the days of summer when every day is a patio day. The flowers finally can bloom bringing colour back into our world and with it the beautiful songs of the birds. For me it also means a shorter morning routine, first of all it will be brighter when I wake my children up so I will no longer have to explain why it only looks like night time it’s actually morning and it is time to wake up. And my most favourite thing about spring is that now I will be able to get my flowers, I love to receive fresh flowers and my sons knowing this bring me flowers all the time, they bring me singles, bouquets, as well as various varieties picked on their way to and from school. I teach them not to pick flowers from private homes so they pick the flowers that they can pick from and bring them for me just about every day. Truly it is a beautiful thing and thoughtful of them. The next best thing will be that no longer will I have to worry about getting snow pants on, gloves, hats, and scarves on and kept track of, and boots and heavy jackets on, now we can get rid of all of that in exchange for spring jackets and hats and that shortens my morning routine by a noticeable amount. Now after school we won’t be rushing home in the cold but can spend an hour at the park enjoying the beautiful afternoon. My children do love winter, they love making snow forts and having snow ball fights, (a luxury not allowed in the school yard, “snow stays on the ground” they are taught) they love making snow men and generally just having fun in the snow, oblivious to the cold on some days. The one thing that they miss is the park, I simply cannot do the park in the winter, sitting and freezing to almost death on a park bench is not my idea of enjoying the afternoon after school so they are generally confined to our backyard during the winter not necessarily a bad thing as they fully enjoy it but it’s not the park. So now the park is back into the rotation and I am sure they will be thoroughly happy for it. So after the beautiful weekend that we had, I pray that it is able to continue and that spring really has sprung and we can look forward to warmer days and the soon forthcoming lazy hazy days of summer, not just for the well anticipated warmth but also for the ceasing of the school routine, a break for the children but an oh so very anticipated one for parents as well. Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until Next time. Be well.