His first lost tooth

I was doing my day and got that call.  You know the one, when you are in the middle of your day and you see your child’s school’s number on your phone and the thoughts start to run through your mind, what happened? Are they alright? Do you have to pick them up? Did an ambulance? Can it be solved with this phone call? I picked up the phone fully concerned and I heard the voice of 6.  Mommy he said, my tooth fell out.  Really?! I said, my first worry was that it was knocked out, by itself I asked? Yes he said.  Oh wow that’s wonderful did you save it? Yes he said, alright then I answered, when you get home I will put it away for you, and then came the answer that has me smiling to this moment, so mom you are the one that leaves the money right?…I had to smile yes 6 I said and we got off of the phone.  Later when I saw him he happily came to me with a big smile I no longer recognized, with his tooth in a zip lock bag in hand.  Look mommy he said, and handed me the bag. My baby has lost his first tooth, he has been waiting patiently at times and at others not patiently for it to fall out.  Every day coming and showing me how much it is shaking, carefully monitoring its progress.  But now it had come out and he is now front toothless.  Well on side front toothless, but still a candidate for the popular Christmas song. And now I will do as I always do wait for him to fall asleep and put money under his pillow for him.  There is a difference though between my tradition and others.  Today when my son arrived home, I have his favourite dishes ready for dinner and we celebrate the fact that he has lost his first tooth, but when he goes to sleep he knows that some little fairy isn’t coming in to his room and taking his tooth away replacing it with money.  I have never told my children such things. My children are/were the children in your child’s classrooms that told them look Santa is not real, no there is no Easter bunny, and what!? The tooth fairy yea… she’s not real all of them are just your parents.  And had your child coming home in tears as they could not comprehend that that was true in any way.  But I have a belief that we teach our children not to lie to us, so we cannot lie to them either, lying to them about Santa, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, and the like is not conducive to the do not lie to me lesson that we try to teach them.   Now I know many say this lie adds to their imagination but we have stories for that and truly children’s imaginations are wonderful things and don’t need lies as fodder in order for them to be fostered properly.   So today when my son arrived home I took his zip lock bag and he was happy in the thought that it was safe in my hands, the real tooth fairy and tonight when he goes to sleep I will still give him the moment, we will put it under his pillow and he will fall asleep and when he awakes the bag will be replaced by a crisp $5 dollar bill (inflation effects the “tooth fairy” too LOL) and he will come to me and thank me and we will move on, no need for lies but still a milestone in his life and so very noted.  Pictures and moments we have done it and preserved this milestone, but no lies, hey this is what I do, how I do it, I will not apologise for who and what I am I am just telling you all something, so just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Until Next time, be well


Today 2 took 7 to Army Cadets with him.  (2 is a Master Corporal in the army cadets only Cadet in his core to get 3 promotions in 6 months, “Mother proud moment” *smile*) And so we all spent the night without 7, well without both of them but we are used to spending these nights without 2 and while we miss him we have adapted somewhat but 7 doesn’t go anywhere without us as he is only 4.  And his lack of presence was truly missed.  6 missing his partner in just about everything he does except school was noticeably forlorn but me I missed my baby.  7 is truly a live wire, if I were to liken him to a cartoon character I would say he is…..like the Tasmanian devil from the looney toons or animal from the muppet babies.  Insanely cute but utterly insane. LOL.  He runs into a room and takes it over with his joy and happiness.  He is always smiling, always happy, when he walks into a room he commands the energy to conform to him, (just like I suggested in a post last week) and it does.  So his lack of presence in the house was felt.  Not that it wasn’t happy it was just that…..he was missing.  As soon as he returned the energy change could be felt, he came into the door announcing “guys! I’m home!, and then proceeded to find everyone to give them a hug and hello and that is 7 just a bright light in my home so always….cheerful and ready to share it with everyone else.  Many may ask how can you miss one when there are so many but I do.  One missing is still one missing just as if you have 2, 3, 4 or whatever one missing is still one missing.  The nest is still missing one and so I feel it, don’t know what will happen when my nest starts to empty and when it is truly empty but that is not a worry for today and a topic for a future post so today, I missed my baby 7 and now he’s back and I am happy for it.  Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Until Next time, be well


Last week I saw a news report about parents walking out of a Miley Cyrus concert because the content was inappropriate for their children, they were in an uproar it was reported.  As I watched that I was in an uproar as to what the hell they were in an uproar about! First of all her tour is called Bangerz, now I am not sure about you but there is no way that my 8 year old has anything in common with a tour named bangerz and that of course is just the first issue because we are talking about Miley Cyrus! Have these parents not watched any media lately?! Miley Cyrus has made it perfectly clear that her Disney persona is over, even to go so far as to say that she murdered Hannah Montana but did we really need that statement? Miley has shown the public in many instances that maybe your 8 year old shouldn’t be at her concerts.  The protest was sexually explicit scenes, umm…have you seen Miley lately, from her dance with Robin Thicke to her tweet with her breasts bared to her recent photo spread and truly parents, to her album cover! You needed what!? You really thought that her concert would be PG? Those parents needed to use their heads, I am not going to comment on Miley as an artist she is for who she is for, but for parents to uproar at her concert surprised? I have to say that they should have taken their heads out of the sand right before they left for the concerts and maybe possibly start paying attention to who their 8 years olds are listening to because Miley is no longer for our Disney children, she has graduated to a place I don’t even wish to comment on.  But her behaviour has been obvious for some time and the shock and outrage these parents are exhibiting is ridiculous.  I usually do not like to knock other parents because we are all doing the best that we can but in this case I am calling you out.  If you are outraged that you went to the Miley Cyrus concert and experienced sexually explicit scenes and inappropriate behaviours you have not done your true diligence as a parent because Miley has made it so very crystal clear that your elementary school child should not be subject to her.  Period.  This is your faux pas not hers.  And my final note on this subject which I will probably address again because it is close to my heart.  Parents I understand that children like to idoiloze celebritites but when that celebrity does wrong we have no right to judge them.  Truthfully our children should not be idolizing fictional characters.  They are no more real than snow white and Cinderella, these people are not real for our children and in our lives.  We see snap shots in their lives and they are created for us.  We need to teach our children to appreciate the entertainment but the person? No, more should be given to them to emulate, more for them to want to become other then the stars that we see daily.  A role model needs to give us more information than a news reel on a entertainment news station don’t we want more for our children? Well that is just my opinion and so there it is.  So as far as  I have seen the Miley Cyrus concert may not be where we want to bring our 16 and unders.  It is apparently sexually explicit and very remnant of Miley’s recent behaviours, shocking to some I know but obvious to others either way it is what it is and now we are all better informed.  And I would just like to put a side note to this conversation, I am not telling parents to take their children by any means but Miley has “thick” women as her dancers and while Miley is clearly and obviously questionable I must commend her for having these women as dancers in her tour.  It is very rare that our children, our female children have the opportunity to see that and I wish that Miley had made her tour more PG so that young women could see this because it promotes a new image of the dancer, a new image that women can take on and as we all know every woman could use that.  Well that’s just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Until Next time, be well.

Harmony, happiness, and joy

Mothers are often seen just as mothers, maybe we are seen as nurturers, care givers, but no one really considers the many jobs that we actually do each and every day.  Nurse, counsellor, housekeeper, maid (yes those are two completely different categories), chef, life coach, organizer, dry cleaner, private investigator (to find everything they have once again misplaced), chauffeur, event planner, meal planner, manager, representative, personal shopper, entertainer, drill sergeant, negotiator, referee, girl Friday, sister, daughter, wife, lover, friend, and that’s just a few cause we all know that there are so many more.  Today or rather this morning I got to fulfill my negotiator and referee job duties.  Not to mention all the other jobs the morning routine requires.  It all unfolded quite innocently, 5 was getting ready for school and as per usual got her uniform (4 and 5 wear Catholic style uniforms to school every day meaning navy blue skirts or dresses even though they attend public school, they are able to choose their own tights and shirts, why? That’s a conversation for another day) and her tights.  When she got her tights 4 protested those are mine get your own! And so it began….I had to remind them that there were many pairs and no one belonged to anyone person.  Then 5 decided that she would not give her sister the tights and so the first battle began.  I gave 5 a pair of tights and 4 a pair believing that I had eliminated the problem and went back to getting 6 and 7 ready.  But that was far from the truth. 5 got dressed and decided that she would go to 3 and start an issue.  3 is always 5’s go to person when she has angst to release, he always is ready to take on any foolishness that she brings on and her requirement for conflict will be fulfilled.  So as it has been in the past, it was this morning and next thing I hear is 3’s voice yelling 5! And so I, knowing how this all works put on my referee hat and went to the two of them.  Only to find out the argument actually had nothing to do with 3 but he of course had to intervene when 5 was involved.  I removed 5 from the issue and took her upstairs and put on my negotiator/counsellor hat and began…..5 you need to learn how to not take your angst out on people that truly have nothing to do with the issue.  You’re upset about the tights alright but there is no need to take it out on those who have nothing to do with it was the gist of our conversation.  Then with the same hat I went to 3 and had a similar conversation with a few variants.  I told him he needs be aware of when his sister comes into his space with an energy that is negative, that is trying to bait him, trying to pull him from his space into hers, he must be aware and stop it and as I told him this I considered that as mom I have to do this every day, well not just as a mom but a woman, a person every day.  I know 5 and I know that she likes to pull others into her space when she is upset and desires energy from others. And I have learned to deal with her and how to diffuse her.  This is a lesson I believe that not only my children we need to learn but all of us do.  We must always ensure that we do not allow others to pull us into their world but that we pull them into ours.  Now of course if we all do this then we will always be tugging each other but I am referring to negativity not positivity.  Positivity does not compete, positivity from various sources can always exist in the same space but negativity tries to overtake a positive space and this is what I am referring to here.  When someone is negative and we know that is how they are we must walk into that space with an energy that refuses to allow that energy to overtake our own.  We must overtake their energy, we must take that negative and create a positive just as I told my son.  He knows his sister and he knows that when she is upset she is going to come for him so he must not give in but treat her with kindness, happiness, and joy and he must not let her change who and what he is for her own purposes.  And I can hear him right now, but she’s so annoying!! And my response, I understand that but you have to resist that and stand your ground and you will see that in the future she will come to you to make herself feel better instead of helping her to feel worse.  We can all be victims to emotional vampires (yes I did just call my child an emotional vampire, harsh? Maybe…. but we all fall victim to that role at times, it is not who she is but it is a role she likes to play sometimes not a slight to her but a mother’s required truthful honesty about her child), people who come to suck your emotional energy out of you for their own gain, but we must find a way to handle it and the only way is to own the spaces that you enter.  When we walk into a space that we know will have negative energy in it we must walk into it with the understanding that that is the case and also with our own positive energy firmly in place.  We must stand tall and with confidence in the understanding that we will not allow that energy to take over this space as we have already filled it with our energy and there is no longer any room for that negativity.  That we have already decided what will live here and as time moves we will see that that negative energy will do one of two things, conform to the energy in the room or it will find another place to reside.  In both scenarios you have rid yourself of that energy.  Living in the negative is not healthy for anyone and allowing someone else to force you to live in the negative isn’t either.  So we must try to maintain harmony, joy, and happiness and yes I know I sound like a hallmark card or something but it is truly the truth.  And personally when I relate this to my own household, I have 7 children! If I do not promote joy, happiness, and harmony between all of them I will have true chaos in my home and my life and I will be writing these posts from a mental institution LOL.  So in the interest of my mental sanity and household harmony I stand by all I have said here even if I have ran the risk of sounding like an idealist, life isn’t perfect I know but it is perfectly suited for seeking perfection so why not? Just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Until Next time, be well.

Stop and smell the roses

Today was a hectic day, felt like Monday even though it was Tuesday and truly the only bright side is that this week will end sooner than later so only three days left of the morning and afternoon routines. This week already feels so long and tedious and its only been one day…..Smh. This is one thing about life that gets to me sometimes, the fact that we spend to-day thinking about and planning for to-morrow and as a result we fail to enjoy the present moment. Sure we get to take a breath and enjoy that cute moment or word but as an almost general rule, as parents, as mothers we are always planning for tomorrow and living today as the day we planned in a past yesterday but never ever living the tomorrow that we planned for. Yesterday was family day and I spent the day relaxing with my children and at one point we decided to settle ourselves and watch Mulan and I was reminded of when 1 and 2 were younger and every Sunday morning before church was our movie time. We, meaning myself, 1 and 2, and their father would sit and watch at least two movies of their respective choice as we got ourselves ready. In those moments we were there, present, even though we were getting ready to go somewhere we enjoyed those moments, we lived in those moments and today I look back at those yesterday’s fondly as moments where I was actually there, actually present. But today those days seem so distant, yesterday I was present but on a regular day, I don’t think that I am present enough, but how am I able? In the midst of morning routines and trying to thankfully get through it, then getting to my day and squishing all I have to do into the time I have available before the afternoon run and then the evening routine, my whole day is planned out when I open my eyes at 5am that morning. And on other days I planned the whole week on Sunday night to ensure it all goes smoothly. As a mother we are always executing, never actually able to embrace even the notion of not having a plan. We have a plan A, B, and C at all times because we must. But wouldn’t it be wonderful to just be present, yes plan because we must but to just be there, to take a moment to stop and reflect on this decadent and beautiful moment. Not the moment right before I fall asleep after a long day but truly enjoy the moments on this journey that I am taking called life. Most days before I go to sleep I go to each of my children as they are sleeping. I kiss them and tell them I love you and take them in as they sleep, those moments are my most present in my day. Today I vow to do that more often, to take a moment to be present, to take in the right now. To remember to stop and smell the roses because the days go by so slowly but the years go by so quickly and in the words of Ferris Bueller, life moves pretty fast if you don’t stop and look around every once in a while you just might miss it. When it comes to life do you really want to stop one day and look back and say hey! Wait a second did I miss it? Not anyone’s ideal so that’s my vow, my new life affirmation if you will. So in the midst of lunches, morning routines, laundry, dishes, afternoon routines, homework, housework, extra curricular activities, and night time routines I am gonna start to take a moment to be present. Not to spend all of those moments planning the next hour but just taking a moment to experience this minute, this hour and eventually I think that I will learn better to plan for tomorrow while living in this today, enjoying the fruits of my labour and taking the time to enjoy and live the to-day that I took my time to plan so perfectly yesterday. Well, that was just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until Next time, be well.

Happy Valentine’s day Mommy

As anticipated I am swarmed by Valentine’s day cards and Valentine’s candies but they are so happy about it all that the mess I know they will create is so very worth it.    The winter Olympics event that their school had for Valentine’s day coupled with Valentine’s day parties had  3,4,5,6 arriving home bursting with excitement about their Valentine’s day. I listened to their excited accounts and congratulated them on their victories and admired their favourite Valentine’s.  And gave them permission to have one oh alright two candies but that’s it.  My priceless moment was when 6 came to me and gave me his valentine and said it was for me, but baby I said that is for you and he said no Mommy its for you, your my valentine.  To which 7 ran into the conversation like a whirlwind this is for you mommy you are my valentine and he gave me a heart shaped lollipop.  Both gestures just melting my heart I gave them both a hug and put my gifts on the night table.  Then 6 said to me but mommy you don’t like candy so I am just gonna take this one and he took back the candy he just gave me and left the card.  7 was a little more “stealth” about it, he looked at me and thought he was sneaking by me and took back the lollipop and ran out of the room.  They are correct I wouldn’t eat the candy anyway and so in the end it’s the thought that counts and my two little men decided that I was their valentine and I am good with that.  (smile)
Most people like to celebrate TGIF and I truly get it but I rather TGIS, Thank God It’s Saturday, see on Friday I still have my morning run, my afternoon run, lunches, etc but on TGIS I can wake up at my usual 5am and I don’t have to actually get up, and I can just lay there and enjoy the fact that it’s Saturday, so I am here thanking God it’s Friday only because tomorrow’s Saturday and there are no runs, well there are but no school runs so! Enjoy the long weekend everyone, hopefully wonderful things/events are planned for this Family day long week and I will see you here again on Tuesday.  That was just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Until Next time, be well.

Happy Valentine’s day eve

Its Valentine’s day eve and I barely have the time to write this.  Lost in crepe paper, construction paper, tape, glue, markers, crayons, Hershey’s kisses, pre made cards, and class lists. Every year I tell myself that I am not going to indulge in this holiday anymore and teach my children to let it go but then the lists come and my children’s requests to have cards for their friends overwhelm me and I forget that it makes no sense to buy cards for Valentine’s day that children are only going to bring home so that parents can throw them away as quickly as they possibly can in order to avoid having to deal with the mess they create but in the end I conceded and I bought them and so here I am lost in Valentine’s day madness.  4 and 5 want to be creative and make their own cards hence the reason for crepe paper, construction paper, tape, glue, markers, and crayons.  3 and 4 are content with store bought cards as long as Hershey’s kisses are attached because “my friends like chocolate” and 7 doesn’t even know what is going on he just wants to make something LOL, so he is writing the names of his friends on the store bought cards as well as the special ones he is making himself.  And 1 and 2 well they are teenagers so they are thankfully anti Valentine’s day.  Personally I don’t really care about Valentine’s day.  I indulge my children and buy the cards or the supplies required to make them.  And then spend Valentine’s eve making them and filling out the To’s and From’s but in the end it’s all about my children.  When it comes to me…..I don’t really care.  When I had a “Valentine” I used to say that I don’t want anything for Valentine’s day because I would rather you buy me flowers and tell?show me that you love me the other, 364 days of the year, beyond the fact that I am trading one day for the other 364,  it’s cheaper and less crowded so we can skip Valentine’s day.  And it was so very convenient for my old “Valentine” and so he used that rational to do absolutely nothing.  But what woman wouldn’t want to be surprised on Valentine’s day with a beautifully romantic evening that she didn’t have to plan in order for it to happen?  So in the end here I sit in the midst of crepe paper, construction paper, tape, glue, markers, crayons, Hershey’s kisses, pre made cards, and class lists. Preparing my children for Valentine’s day and events.  Happy to be 6 and 7’s Valentine and ready to accept the  surprise Valentine’s day gifts that they have already told me that they made for me at school and day care respectively and maybe…..possibly wishing that one day I will have a romantic evening that I didn’t have to plan myself.  But hey just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day.  Oh but I forgot I gotta do clean up LOL.  Until Next time, be well.

Doing it my way – The intro

Day two of my blog….the intro post…yes I know that should have been yesterday’s post but I have been meaning to start this blog for so long and yesterday I got inspired to write that post and so the “first” is the second and the second is the first but….really it’s indicative of the tone of what my posts will be like.  I do things as I wish to.  Motherhood has so many “rules”, advice present in every corner of every conversation, in every nook and cranny but in the end its about how you are gonna do things. How you choose to raise your children, taking in the advice, the direction and opinions of others incorporating it into your own advice, opinions and then taking the direction that you chose. And of course listening to the at least one voice that tells you that you aren’t doing it right, cause sometimes we are our own worst enemies.  But in the end we are raising these little beings and always and forever doing the best we can, they say that every parent screws their children up in some way so I guess we are all trying to mess them up the least? I am not sure I like that statement I would like to believe that I am not trying to clean up messes but creating stable, confident, happy, intelligent and a whole other adjectives children, that I am creating individuals that can be put out into the world whole and happy and contributing.  That as birds do, that I have taught my children what they need to know in order to fly out of my nest and soar. But I have digressed…..back to the point of this post, me, an introduction to me….alright well here we go then I am the single mother of 7 children, ages 17 (F), 15 (M), 10(M), 8(F), 7(F), 5(M), 4(M). And yes they all have the same father, that seems to be a question many people think and assume the answer to so let’s just get that answer out the way.    4 boys and 3 girls.  After a tremulous, abusive, and violent marriage I am thankful to report that I am newly and thankfully “divorced.” I am now in the stage in my life where I have picked up the pieces and am figuring out and navigating how I wish my life to look.  So here I am, an aspiring writer, playwright, blogger as I navigate my role as mother and most importantly myself.  Because without me being happy, stable, and alright I am useless to my children.  We have all been through what you could say was hell and back but we are here, I am here and I would like to share what I have learned on this journey thus far, assist and speak to those who can relate and understand my journey thus far and to share what this journey is teaching me now, to share my daily happinesses, struggles, triumphs, holy shits!, and wows! Cause motherhood is some journey, not every day is a joy I won’t lie and anyone who says that it is needs to be committed, a good glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (maybe two LOL) is needed some days but in the end motherhood is a wonderful journey the good with the bad and always ends up being the best, the moments where your 4 year old comes to you and throws his arms around your neck and says You’re the best mommy in the world, or when your 10 year old pauses his game on the Xbox to come and give you a hug and say I love you mommy, it is those moments that make you forget that just about 30 min prior you were almost yelling pick up your shoes they don’t go there and why is your jacket on the floor and why can’t you ever remember to take your lunch bag out of your backpack.  In the end I am here and enjoying it all, most days *smile*.  I am not really sure what else to say to introduce myself so I suppose as I post more I will be more and more revealed and that is not a bad thing I don’t think.  So have a question? Ask it.  I have been through it all and having children in almost every age stage I think I can impart some understanding.  Have a story to share, share it. We can create a community of support.  Have something to just share, need…whatever it may be let’s do it.  Together.  In the end all I really would love is that you come with me on this journey, we can learn, share, enjoy and experience this journey called motherhood together and in the process enjoy ourselves along the way.  So that’s just another day in 7th heaven, tomorrow is another day. Until Next time, be well.

It’s not who you see, it’s who sees you

Today I got out of bed so frustrated with my current situation, well….that’s not true.  I woke up and did my usual meditations to rid myself of my frustration and so got out of bed somewhat peaceful, hoping that this day would be on the upward climb.  And then I began my day, it went as usual, usual frustrations and then the first blow of the day to my mama ego, there was nothing for lunch.  Once again they had eaten the lunch I put aside for today last night and so I was so upset, I looked at the time, it was 815 am too late to start a new lunch but it had to be done and so I started to almost panic.  Wondering, now what? I can’t buy them a subway lunch that’s just not in this week’s budget but I don’t have a choice because what can I do not give them any lunch? And then how do I get this bought lunch? That makes my morning run about an hour longer than usual which gets 7 to daycare too late to get breakfast and he misses his morning relaxation that he likes to have before being forced to go to his mandatory outside time.  And so again the panic begins to rise.  Today of all days I just wanted the morning run to happen and end and now it was going to be extended, I was so dismayed and still did not have a plan for lunch and time was ticking away as our usual departure time of 830 was quickly approaching.  Thank God for 1 and 2, they as usual are my best supporters and the best teenagers a mother could ask for.  2 quickly finished getting himself ready and went to the grocery store with my lunch list in hand and returned home with my items and armed with lunch money, went to school.  1 took 7 to daycare and also armed with lunch money, went to school.  I took 3,4,5,6 to school, returned home, made the lunches and did a lunch run back to the school.  It all really made my day start later, an hour later and my ego was shot in the process of it all.  Once again questioning me as a mother, why hadn’t I checked the fridge earlier, why was my reaction to sit and hold my head, why didn’t I have a back-up plan? It was just disheartening I was truly having a mommy moment.  Looking around at the housework I didn’t get to this weekend and wondering how I was going to tackle it all again questioning myself as a mother. I took a deep breath and started to clear up and do the housework I failed to do this weekend and thankfully made it through the day to the afternoon run.  And this is where the title of this post comes in.  Because it was the afternoon run that showed me that through all of the days where the chaos overtakes you, you are doing a great job and it shows.  As I was walking home doing my usual afternoon run, we were all walking happily with thankfully only minor issues and a neighbourhood mother saw me walking, I thought it was going to be our usual hello as we passed each other but today was different as she approached I saw that she was taking out her headphones and so I did the same.  She stopped to say hello and then she told me she needed to know my secret: How did I get all of my children to walk so nicely down the road, how was I able to have all of them walking in a nice organized line/group she wished that she could get her two to do it because they are always jumping around, doing flips and in no way looked as calm and organized as my children as they walked down the road, she went on to tell me how impressed she was by it and inform me that they always walked so nicely.  I said thank you and that I don’t know how I do it, I wouldn’t have it any other way, they just have to.  And that was the end of our interaction.  I proceeded to praise my children for the compliment that they received and we shared high fives and a Yea Team Hamilton! We continued our walk home but as we did I thought about the compliment.   The first thought, wow! as I walk down the road I am always so critical of how my children walk down the road, that they are being to loud, too wild, not polite enough to other people walking down the road but clearly I am too hard on myself and I suppose them because others don’t see it as I do and secondly as mothers, we make it through some easy days and some hard days, we judge ourselves as mothers by such a harsh ruler sometimes.  I need to stop, you need to stop, we need to stop.  So what? There was no lunch in the morning….did my children go lunchless? No! They had lunches and they were fine.  One simple error in a morning wasn’t dire, wasn’t the end of the world, didn’t mean I was a terrible mother.  Didn’t remove all the other days where lunch was ready and taken to school as it should be.  Didn’t mean that I deserved the thrashing I gave myself, so next time I decide to not tear myself down by a simple act, I will remind myself of the good things, there was no lunches because my children ate it and are therefore well fed, that I was able to simply remake the lunches and my children didn’t have to go hungry, that I was able to provide what they required and in the end, sometimes when my own encouragement isn’t enough, isn’t what I need for that particular day, sometimes it could be a random statement made by another that can be the spark of encouragement that shows you that it’s not who you see but who sees you. Just another day in 7th day, tomorrow is another day! Until next time, be well.